A course exploring the gentle daily practice that forms the cornerstone of my creative life.

On all but my worst days, for more than a decade I’ve been setting my trusty timer for 20 minutes and getting down to twenty minutes of creative work.

This gentle daily practice has not only kept my spirits up in the face of chronic illness, but it has also helped me build a satisfying creative life and a successful creative career.

Whether you’re coming to the 20 Minutes a Day habit for the first time, or have been working alongside me during the One Thing Today podcast, this course with help you build your own long term creative habit.


Over the three weeks of the course you will:

  • Discover how to build a creative habit that will serve you over the long-term.
  • Learn about getting the right balance between work and rest.
  • Work alongside me in my studio via the magic of the internet.
  • Get support through a private Facebook group.
  • Enjoy working through a creative project of your choice.

I'd love to share my gentle practice with you during this three-week course.

Set your timer!

START DATE: Monday 21st November
DURATION: Three weeks
FEE: £67 GBP (approx $85 USD)
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How the course works:

  • Pick and work on a creative project for the duration of the course.
  • Receive daily course material to help you build your creative habit (and practice treating yourself gently).
  • Work alongside me each day and join in with weekly group creativity sessions.
  • Choose whether to  take a  break or continuing to work on your project during the middle week of the course.
  • Visit the course’s private Facebook group to get support, show off your work and make friends.
  • Use the hashtag #20MinutesADay to share your achievements on social media.
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Michael, it’s so inspiring that you are always here helping and giving advice. I really appreciate that. Thank you so much.


I have found the course incredibly useful. I didn’t do quite as much completing as I’d hoped but that goal was actually a bit unrealistic and I am extremely happy and relieved to have done as much as I did.


The last two weeks have been great. It’s easy to think that I just don’t have time, however as Michael pointed out, if you want a creative life you make those choices.


The last two weeks have really helped me focus on getting back to a regular habit of sketching and painting. Thank you!


The course was very useful for me. The best part was that I was able to find these small pockets of time, and because they were small, I didn’t expect to move the earth during them! This completely changed my focus on a project I had been putting off for months.


Thank you so much for the course Michael – it got me back in touch with my visual imagination and kept me on track, and I found the community very supportive and fun.


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