Stroll your way to a more satisfying creative life

I’ve been going for a daily stroll for the last few months and over that time I’ve come to realise that strolling has a lot to teach us about how to approach our Important Work and our creative lives.

A stroll is something distinctly different from a walk. A walk tends to be purposeful, either a way to get from A to B or a form of exercise where the distance travelled or the number of steps taken is what’s important.

No purpose (and that’s a very good thing!)

Strolling has no purpose beyond moving along gently and enjoying one’s surroundings.

What a gentle pace feels like

Strolling helps us understand what a gentle pace feels like. It helps us see that not rushing means we enjoy our journey more, notice more and appreciate more. It is the joy of stroll that’s important not the destination—my strolls are usually circular and so my destination is nothing more than my starting point.

Space around our Important Work

The pace we set when we stroll stays with us when we return to our work. The calmness of gently putting one foot in front of the other, taking time to see where we are as we go, translates into a feeling of space around our Important Work that it can only benefit from.

Less urgency

Everything feels less urgent and we find we can pause and take some time to work out what the best next thing to do is (or perhaps not do). We discover that we can enjoy a much wider perspective and take a longer term view.

There really is plenty of time. We can go deeper. We can explore more.

6 Ways to Enjoy a Stroll

  1. Choose somewhere easy to reach for your stroll (or just step outside your front door and begin).
  2. Dress for the day. If it’s raining, a coat will a hood and wellington boots are an excellent strolling uniform (I love the sound of rain on the hood of my coat when I’m strolling). If the weather is hot, shorts and a t-shirt plus plimsolls create a feeling of lightness. Add a wide-brimmed hat on a very sunny day 🙂
  3. A small bag of provisions taken on a stroll could turn it into an impromptu picnic.
  4. A stroll taken with a like minded companion can be fun (chatting on a stroll often goes to a deeper place than more normal encounters and so strolls are an excellent way to get to know someone).
  5. Strolling regularly in the same place or along the same route helps us experience somewhere in new ways. We start to notice things most people never see.
  6. Leave phones, watches and (especially!) pedometers at home.

Why not make time for a stroll this week? Your Important Work will thank you.

©2004-2018 Michael Nobbs.

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