Let's spend a year together taking small creative steps (and learning to live a gentle life!)

Would you like to spend the next twelve months with me taking small creative steps, building your creative life and learning to live a gentler life?

I’ve set up the Creative Circle for people who crave companionship and support on their creative journey and who know it’s possible (but might not quite know how) to live a gentler life.

Based around my own daily creative practice of setting a timer each day and settling down to twenty minutes of creative work, the Creative Circle offers encouragement, companionship and support to a small number of people.

We meet regularly in a secret Facebook group, plan our weeks, work alongside each other and practice living gently. Every week we let each other know how we’ve got on and I offer advice and encouragement to help members keep getting better at living the lives they want to live.


Twelve months of hugs!

Being a member of the Creative Circle is like lining up a year’s worth of hugs!

Living a creative life isn’t always easy and can sometimes feel lonely. The Creative Circle is a safe place to explore your creativity and build the life you want.

Members currently include established artists and writers, people running (or starting) creative businesses as well as people taking their first creative steps.

What we all have in common is a willingness to build the lives we want step by step and the wish to learn to be gentle with ourselves along the way.

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FEE: £397 GBP (about $560 USD)
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What I offer in the Creative Circle:

  • A gentle structure for you to build your creative life around.
  • Weekly planning and reflection.
  • Three group sessions a week (join me in my studio and set your timer for twenty minutes).
  • Advice and encouragement to help you live gently and thrive creatively.
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Frequently asked questions:

Is the Creative Circle for me?

The Creative Circle isn’t for everyone, but might just be perfect for you. If you’re someone who wants to focus on building or developing your creative life over the next twelve months and would like my help to do so, then the circle could be just what you’re looking for.

If you also crave to live a gentler and simpler life, then you get double points and I’m extra sure we’ll work well together!

I’m a new artist/writer/poet/(insert your chosen art here) is this for me?

Yes! The circle already contains a broad mix of creative souls from fledgelings to established working artist. What links us is the desire to work in gentle steps to build and develop our creative lives. If that’s you too, we’d love to have you join us.

I live in (add your country here!) will I still be able to attend the live sessions?

Yes, the live sessions are open to everyone. We meet both at 9.00 am UK time and 4.00 pm UK time, three times a week for each time. You can check what time that would be for you here.

If you can’t make the live sessions because of your schedule (or because you’re tucked up in bed!) there are recordings of each session available after they have gone out live.

Why are places limited?

I’m growing the Creative Circle slowly, both to keep the group comfortable for members, but also to keep the workload manageable for me.

Currently, there are around fifty people in the circle and I aim to open a few new places every couple of months. It is unlikely that the group will ever have more than 100 members. If you would like to be one of them, join the invite list today.

Do I need a Facebook account to join?

No, but you will need one if you’d like to join our supportive, secret group which runs on Facebook. You can watch or join our live work sessions either via Facebook or YouTube.

How do the live sessions work?

I host two sets of three live sessions a week. Circle members can either watch or join in live or watch a recording after each session has finished. The sessions are broadcast live on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays at both 9.00 am and 4.00 pm UK time. You can check the times in your time zone here.

All the necessary links to watch and join the sessions are posted in our Facebook group and can also be emailed to you if you would like.

You will also need a Google account if you’d like to join the Hangouts (but not if you just want to watch).

What happens at the end of my year’s membership?

Membership of the Creative Circle is for one year and doesn’t renew automatically. Just before your year is up I’ll ask you if you’d like to renew for another year. If you would like to it would, of course, be lovely to have you stay, but if it’s time for to move on we’ll quite understand and your place can be offered to someone else.

Can I pay in US Dollars, Euros, etc?

Yes. Your currency is automatically converted when you check out using either a credit card or Paypal. You can check the current exchange rate for your currency here.

Michael keeps me company as I try to respond to life creatively, AND he helps me focus on self care at the same time.


Michael’s Creative Circle is a wonderful space of gently support and amazing + brave souls. It’s a place where I can be myself without any expectations pushed on me which is a surprising relief from the rest of Facebook.


Think of your favourite cafe, run by your favourite Welsh hillside dweller, where you know you’ll find gently creative folk like you, have interesting conversations, and share laughter, support and encouragement. Imagine it’s always open, the tea is always brewing, and you don’t even have to leave home (or even bed!) to join in. Welcome to Michael’s Secret Creative Circle!


Being a part of The Creative Circle has made me feel that I’ll always have like-minded people who will be there to give and receive the support we need. Michael Nobbs has created a safe space where we can make friends, and constantly be inspired to live sustainably creative lives with less pressure.


Being a Member of the Creative Circle has helped me stick to a gentle creative habit through the support of Michael and other Creative Circle Members. I have been amazed at how I have been able to complete artwork even in times of low energy or little time by small regular steps. The warm, encouraging support of the Creative Circle has been a huge part of keeping me inspired to stick to my creative habit and weekly plans.


I love Michael’s approach to a calmer and more centered creative life.  Through his guidance, I have developed a practice of studying French everyday, a yoga practice for this pain wracked body, and learning the cooking skills I needed that actually help me to feel better.  Now, I am moving into a drawing practice – whoo-hoo!!! Michael helped me to slow down, move more deliberately from my body mind into helpful action and how to be kinder to myself by getting out of my anxious judgmental head. I like feeling in community with others who are facing many of the same dilemmas that I face.

Nancy Jane

I love being a member of the Creative Circle. Although I am very limited in time and energy, Michael and others in the circle are helpful, supportive, and encouraging. I never feel pressured if I cannot participate, but always feel welcome and supported. And I very often learn something new and useful to further my creative life. Thanks so much for your great work, Michael!


I like being in the Creative Circle because I can check in and find other creative people who are also managing their energy the best way we can. Michael never gives you a “prescription” or tells you he knows best. He’s always supportive, always pleased for any successes you have, and so is everyone else there!


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