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The Go Gently Membership is in two parts:

The Go Gently Library

The Go Gently Library is a set of resources to help you learn to live and create gently. Currently, the library includes:

  • My two-week course, Get One Thing Done.
  • My ebook, Sustainable Creativity.
  • My ebook, Getting Your Important Work Done.
  • My ebook, Start to Draw Your Life.
  • The Tiny Adventure Checklist.
  • Go Gently Letter archive.

The Go Gently Letter

To complement the library, most months, during my rest week, I aim to write and send out a short email letter called the Go Gently Letter.

My regular monthly weeks off are a time for rest and reflection and writing the letters feels like a good thing to do during these quiet times. In the letter, I share a little about my ongoing journey to live gently and create gently and in doing so I hope to inspire you to take small steps to do the same.

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