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The Go Gently Letter

Most months, during my rest week, I aim to write and send out a short email letter called the Go Gently Letter.

My regular monthly weeks off are a time for rest and reflection and writing the letters feels like a good thing to do during these quiet times. In the letter I share a little about my ongoing journey to live gently and create gently and in doing so I hope to inspire you to take small steps to do the same.

The Go Gently Library

To complement the letter and to further help you on your gentle journey I’ve put together a growing library of free resources. As I add to the library I will post links in the letters.

To gain access to the Go Gently Library simply subscribe to the Go Gently Letters by popping your email address in the box below and hitting “subscribe”. Once you’ve confirmed your email address you’ll have instant access to the library and I’ll keep you posted as I add new resources.

Currently, the Go Gently Library includes:

  • My two-week course, Get One Thing Done.
  • My ebook, Sustainable Creativity.
  • My ebook, Getting Your Important Work Done.
  • My ebook, Start to Draw Your Life.
  • The Tiny Adventure Checklist.
  • Go Gently Letter archive.

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