#1442: [Video] Tiny Adventures and cushion cover crocheting

Go Gently #20

In this episode, I'm off on a Tiny Adventure and a gentle stroll as a way of giving myself some of the feelings of adventure I crave at what is rather a low energy time after my recent trip away.

Come with me as I head out with a bag of provisions for a walk in the woods at nearby Trawsgoed and talk a little about what a Tiny Adventure is and how they can turn something ordinary into something rather special.

Whilst things don't go quite to plan with my walk, I still have a lovely time and hope you will too.

After our stroll, I hope you'll join me by my fire for twenty minutes of creative work. I'm continuing to crochet the cushion cover I'm making for a friend. What will you be working on?

  • If you’re listening to the podcast off-site you can find the video version here.

This episode's work session is twelve minutes and five seconds into the podcast.