Create a Portable Studio

If you’re limited in terms of time or energy, then creating a portable studio (and always having it with you) is the perfect way of making sure that you can always make the best use of your resources.

Keeping it simple

At its simplest, a portable studio can be just a small sketchbook and pen that you slip in your pocket or bag whenever you leave the house.

Better still, set aside a dedicated bag to be your portable studio. Spend some time thinking about the tools you need to be able to work anywhere and gather them together in your bag.

Always ready to be creative

Once you have your portable studio, you’ll never need to waste time (and energy) looking for your tools; they’ll always be in one place. Now you’ll be able to set to work instantly, making use of even the smallest amounts of time to do a little creative work.

What will you put in your portable studio?

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