Summer School 2017

Sunday 6th-Sunday 27th August

Summer School is a chance to step outside our usual day-to-day routines so that we can:

  • Get a fresh perspective on our life and work.
  • Assess where we are with both.
  • Make a Big Picture plan that will help us to gently shepherd them in the direction we want them to go.

Summer School is free and only for members of the Creative Circle.

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August is an important month for me

As you probably know every year I aim to take August off to have some deep rest and enjoy a change of pace over the summer. I’m planning a lot of deckchair sitting (weather permitting!), plenty of reading and maybe the odd picnic 🙂

Pondering and Planning

August is also an important month for me in terms of pondering and planning. This year more than ever (maybe it’s because I’ve just turned 50!!), pondering and planning feels particularly important. Over the last nine months, I’ve seen how the making of my regular three-month plans, together with my daily practice of setting my timer and focusing on my Important Work has lead to my most creative and successful period in a decade.

The need for some Big Picture dreaming

However, I’m also noticing that I’m craving some longer term planning and some Big Picture dreaming to help me see more clearly where I want to be heading and to keep me on track with my monthly, weekly and daily steps.

I’d love for you to join me!

This August that is what I’m going to be doing and I’d love it if you’d join me!

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