My Books

I hope that my books will help you to explore and live a gentle, creative life.

eBooks are a great (I have a few available for free in the Go Gently Library) but you can't beat settling down with a cup of tea and a real book. I've made a few over the years and plan to make more.

Sometimes circumstances fling us into situations that force us to re-imagine our lives. How do we greet each day with our expectations in tatters? How do we stop ourselves from falling in a heap? What is to be learned? Michael’s Nobbs’ Beany #1 gives us a personal insight into his daily attempts to live in the present, to do one small thing every day, to draw his way into living a creative life. This book is a manifestation of Michael’s philosophy that doing one small creative thing a day eventually becomes a larger piece of work. It is comforting and inspiring and full of gentle humour.
— M E Morris, reviewing The Beany#1

I cannot recommend highly enough this warm, witty, encouraging and wise book. I’m not much of an artist - and I’m sure it’s particularly inspiring if you are - but I still found it hugely useful and energising for all kinds of creative work, full of ideas, and if you don’t have much confidence in your drawing, this book will get you over that. I’m amazed by how relaxing it is to focus for a short quiet time on drawing the objects around you, for someone who deals in words with work all day it is a real kick-start to stop and switch off for a moment. As with some other reviewers I also listen to Michael’s podcasts and I recommend those and this for everyone.
— J North, reviewing Drawing Your Life