One Thing Today

Now past its 1500th episode, One Thing Today provides a regular nudge to remind you to live gently and to take a small daily step with your creative work.

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As someone with chronic illness, most productivity podcasts leave me exhausted. But Michael’s approach of doing just one thing is perfect. I share his love of tea (coffee and cookies) and appreciate the creative and personal angle, rather than a purely business approach.
— Kymberly Fergusson, Germany

Michael gently encourages us to be creative even if our energy levels might not play along with us. He shows by example how even 20 mins of creative work can lead to building a momentous volume of creative work. All that with a genuine love for the simple things in life such as tea , cake, books and lately chickens. Very very enjoyable. A nice companion even when your days happen to be mostly horizontal.
— Angora, UK