Michael Nobbs

Hello I'm Michael

I’m an artist, podcaster and tea drinker (not necessarily in that order!). Back at the end of the 1990s I was diagnosed with ME/CFS, a chronic illness that severely limits how much I can do each day.

Over the years I’ve learnt a lot about living the best life I possibly can by accepting what I can’t change and working with what I can. I have built a successful creative career and am continuing to learn how to combine that with a gentle and fulfilling life.


I'd love to help you learn to live a gentle creative life.



A Gentle Daily Practice

My daily life includes a regular twenty-minute work session that I can get to on all but my very worst days. Four days a week I encourage you to join me in my studio and work alongside me for this session during my podcast, One Thing Today.

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FREE Resources


The Go Gently Library is a growing repository of resources to help you learn to live and create gently. Download an ebook , take a course or listen to a podcast from the archive. 

Read a Book


eBooks are a great (I have a few available for free in the Go Gently Library) but you can't beat settling down with a cup of tea and a real book. I've made a few over the years and plan to make more.

Take a Course


I'm currently in the process of moving my courses to Teachable. If you would like to be updated once the move is complete, subscribe to the Go Gently Letter.


Michael gently encourages us to be creative even if our energy levels might not play along with us. He shows by example how even 20 mins of creative work can lead to building a momentous volume of creative work. All that with a genuine love for the simple things in life such as tea , cake, books and lately chickens.
—Angora, UK