#1426: Possible opening hours (!) and a little crochet drama :)

I’m very sorry for missing Sunday’s podcast!

Today I have remembered to podcast and am pondering a little more on the in-between place that I seem to be in at the moment and how being patient with it is proving to be a wee bit of a challenge!

Join me for today’s creative work sessions and hear a little about some edge-of-the-seat crochet drama :)

Today's work session is seven minutes and forty seconds into the podcast.


#1425: A (very) breezy walk and twenty minutes of slow sock crocheting

Bored Ounce

Ounce got a little bored and I got a little tired editing this week’s video podcast, but we’re both very happy to have the podcast ready to share with you.

I hope that you’ll join me this week for a rather breezy stroll and a twenty-minute creative work session.

You have a choice today to either listen to the audio podcast as normal or watch the video version. If you're listening off-site you can find the video here.

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Today's work session is ten minutes and twenty seconds into the podcast.