Short Reads

Time to hunker down

Hunkering down weather

A very different view from the one we've been used to greeted me and Ounce this morning as we recorded today’s podcast at my gate.

The dark clouds all but shouted, “hunker down!” and that’s exactly what I’m going to be doing for a couple of days.

Yesterday, I emerged from an impromptu 48 hours offline. I go offline quite a lot, but those 48 hours were more of a struggle than usual.

Since my away from home adventures I’ve been reaching for my phone a lot, usually when I notice I’m feeling physically rather rubbish. It’s understandable that I don’t want to notice that I’m not feel good, but I’ve realised how much I’m using my phone (and my iPad and laptop) as a way of avoiding the feelings in my body and that’s not been doing me any favours.

The first thing that happened when I turned my phone off was that I fell asleep! When I woke up, the second thing that happened was that I noticed I felt terribly!

48 hours later, I’d slept a lot, read quite a bit and still felt not great—but maybe, just maybe, a little better.

I heading offline for 48 hours more. I’ll let you know how I get on...

Greeting the day in my usual spot

The view from my gate

Today I’m greeting the day by my gate. I love the view from here. This morning it’s especially beautiful and I might have waxed rather overly lyrically about it in today’s podcast!

It has been lovely to spend a few days by the sea and the early mornings on the seafront have been stunning. Yesterday, as I had my last cup of tea watching the waves gently lapping around the seagulls on the shoreline, I felt as though I could stay sitting where I was for a month.

Now I’m home and back to the early morning view that I’ve been getting to know for eighteen years, I feel I could stand for the rest of my life.

It’s been good to go away. It’s very good to be home.

A final cup of tea on the seafront before I head home

Cup of tea on the prom

I’m having a last cup of tea on the seafront whilst I’m waiting to be picked up and taken home.

It’s been a peaceful stay in Aberystwyth, helped by the equinoxal (is that a word?!) weather. So still and calm. A perfect Indian Summer, or Haf Bach Mihangel as this extra treat of gentle sun is called in Welsh.

Haf Bach Mihangel translates as Michael’s Little Summer, and that’s exactly how these last few days have felt. I’ve been feeling very blessed.

I’m still very tired and feeling rather unwell at times, but these last few days have helped me get into a very restful rhythm, which I’m taking home with me.

The Big Rest continues :)

Appreciating being home in my kitchen

Early morning cooking experiment

One of the lovely things about being at home after my adventures at Gladstone’s Library is that I can cook my own meals again (and at whatever time of the day I like!).

It was a good thing to have meals made for me whilst I was away and needed to focus my energy on Gladfest. But this morning I woke up with the urge to do some experimental cooking and was so pleased to be able to.

So, at 6.00 am this morning I was wide awake and trying out an idea I’ve had in my head for a few days for black bean burgers. I’m talking about them and sharing the recipe in today’s today’s One Thing Today podcast which is available now over on Patreon and will be released here and all the usual channels on Saturday (21st Sept).