#1000: The 1000th episode!


I'm very happy and excited (a word I use A LOT in today's episode!) to be recording the 1000th episode of the One Thing Today podcast at Gladstone's Library. I'm here for their literary festival, Gladfest and will be giving a workshop tomorrow morning.

In today's milestone episode I talk a little about the magic of picking one small thing to do and keeping doing it and share some of the things that that practice has led to in my life over the last three and a half years and 1000 episodes.

A special thank-you to Jez Whitworth for sending me the drawing that accompanies today's podcast.

#998: A media-free week to create a sense of space


After ending last week feeling caught between holiday and work I have decided to take a positive step to help make the transition between the two feel easier.

In today's podcast I talk about how taking a media-free week is helping create a welcomed sense of space and how the quiet is giving me time to think about how I would like to move forward in the coming year. I'm also surprised and delighted to find myself drawing again!